Elegance - Art - Wellness


Walking along the spiral wooden staircase, expertly lit with warm light led step markers, you reach the magnificent attic. Here the beauty is dazzling. The magnificence of the external naturalistic environment is projected and propagated throughout the area. The atmosphere is therefore quickly created. Total visual immersion almost seems to completely break down the boundary between exterior and interior. The amount of light that enters from the wall windows is unique, which on cold winter nights offer the magical spectacle of falling snow. This is certainly the best place to seek peace, balance.

At the center of the area stands the large fabric sofa crowned by the pyramid dormer window, the highlight of this environment. At the first light of dawn, when the full-covering curtains of the windows obscure the attic, the light filters centrally, creating an evocative optical effect. Real feast for the eyes is the color palette used for the furnishings. The design fireplace is completed by a mega-screen TV, an alabaster desk.

Here the inspiration and the peace of the Master. Here the intuition, the creation of many important works. The space contains paintings, ceramics, sculptures.