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Double room with Matterhorn view


This bedroom is almost a work of art where wood is the main material that enhances the whole environment.

To create harmony we think the precious fabrics that warm the spaces with discretion and elegance.

Distinctive features that give character to the room are the leather headboard of the bed, the alabaster bedside tables, the choice of colorful works of art that invariably thrill.

The furnishings are completed by: walk-in closet, satellite TV, private bathroom finely covered in precious imperial gray marble, with bathtub.

Worthy of note is the successful alternation of the black marble walls with the bright glossy white of the bathroom fixtures, a balanced and elegant combination.

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The material is once again confirmed as a precious ally to enhance the furniture. Wrapped in a fairytale aura, this room has been designed to welcome and pamper, as in a cocoon, the little ones. Here, too, the choice of fabrics is the common thread that holds all the furnishing accessories together in a harmonious way. Complete the ensemble: walk-in closet, satellite TV, desk with lamp. The work exhibited here is a tribute to the equestrian passion of Chérie, daughter of the Maestro.


The secret of this small room lies in the skilful architectural play of spaces.

The environment is developed vertically in a fun interlocking of overlapping niches of different sizes, linked together by wooden ladders perfectly integrated into the volumes.

A dynamic effect is created which in an optical crescendo passes from the first single bed to the second placed in the niche.

Silver of headboards, bedspreads and colorful pillows enliven the environment. The furnishings include: walk-in closet, satellite TV, desk with lamp.