An Artist. A house.

A space of life and creation, a refuge, a place of inspiration.

Forged by the strong and multifaceted personality of its inhabitants, the Matterhorn Artist's House is itself a work of art. Former home of Maestro Gabriele Maquignaz, this splendid attic-museum is a reflection of the inspiration and artistic genius of those who occupied and designed the spaces. Here art and life are irremediably confused. The works of art and the original furnishing accessories are mixed with elegant fabrics and quality materials, creating a lively, exciting space, where everything is an integral part of a cohesive and evocative whole.

In the background, Arte nell'Arte, a unique, extraordinary view appears. The majesty of the mountains and the hieratic nature of the Matterhorn burst with force from the wall windows that surround the attic. Conceived by the master Maquignaz, these windows on the divine art of Nature create an original meta-artistic effect, a mirror catalyst of new energies and a constant source of inspiration.

Up here, living in art and for art, observing himself and the world, Maestro Gabriele Maquignaz has concretized innovative artistic visions and transcended the concept of space, overcoming it, perpetuating it.

Here, beyond the ordinary, your holiday for the eyes and the mind begins.

Welcome to the Matterhorn Artist's House.



To create harmony we think the precious fabrics that warm the spaces with discretion and elegance.



Here the beauty is dazzling.

The magnificence of the external naturalistic environment is projected and propagated throughout the area.



Even the kitchen is the result of a meticulous organization of spaces. Secluded, it loses its multifunctional connotation and is collected modestly, it does not mix with the whole.



Blaze of sun and relaxation: 200 square meters of equipped solarium (deck chairs / tables) directly accessible from the attic.

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The Matterhorn Artist House is located inside the Art Hotel Grivola, on the top floor of the building. The apartment is independent, always accessible 24 hours a day, reachable both by lift and by stairs.